New SQL Dashboards – BIG changes in SQL dashboards in the new SQL MP

The new SQL Management Pack has been released, and by far the biggest change that I have noticed is visualization aspects.  The OOB Database Instance and Database dashboards are GONE.  These dashboards have been replaced by a SQL Server x Summary Dashboard and the Datacenter Dashboard and Instance View Dashboards, both of which I will detail below.

You can download the new management pack here.

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Deploy SCOM Agent to Linux Manually

There have been quite a few great posts covering the installation of SCOM agents on Linux server out there, but I wanted to post a consolidated version.  I find this condensed process very helpful, so hopefully it will assist you in your SCOM xplat adventures!


  • Verify that DNS is configured properly for the Linux host
  • Verify the server can be pinged
  • Verify that ssh is enabled and the server can be reached from the management server over port 22

Deploy Linux SCOM Agent Manually:

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Tip – SCOM Certificate Template Does Not Appear In Certificate Template Dropdown – Windows Server 2012 R2

I was working with a customer today on provisioning the SCOM certificate template and Gateway server configuration when we ran into a bit of snag.  I followed the exact process that I’ve used 100 times to create the certificate template, but no matter how many times we recreated it, it would not show up in the Certificate Template drop down during the certificate request process.

Well, credit to the engineer (Mike Sorenson), as he found an obscure reference to an individual that stated he had to restart the Active Directory Certificate Services (CertSvc) before the template would show up in the drop down.  Hmmmm……that seems odd, but indeed after restarting the service, the template was present during the certificate request.

Nothing too technical here, but perhaps it will save someone else some headaches!