OMS Custom Fields

If you have read my “SCOM + OMS + Azure Automation” post here, you will recognize the example referenced below.  The OMS Custom Field feature gives us the ability to create custom extracted fields in OMS to isolate and extract specific values from a line of log output. This feature is very powerful, and not only allows us to create custom fields for reporting and analytics, but it provides us with an easy option to isolate one particular value in a line of output and extract that exact field for all subsequent log entries for use in automation.

For the purposes of this demo, I will be referencing custom alerts that were created using Eventcreate and a custom SCOM event collection rule which is being forwarded to OMS via the Alert Management solution.

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VSAE Released for Visual Studio 2015

A few weeks ago Microsoft released Visual Studio Authoring Extensions for Visual Studio 2015.  I personally ran into the issue where VSAE was not compatible with the version of Visual Studio 2015 installed on my device, so this is great news!

SCOM + OMS + Azure Automation

I recently presented a demo at Infront Consulting Group’s Cloud University outlining a solution using SCOM, OMS, and Azure Automation to automate the process of (1) identifying on-premises servers not currently being monitored in SCOM and (2) remediating the issue by auto-installing agents on those servers. 

Specifically, what we’ll be focusing on in this post are the abilities to collect and write custom logs from your on-premises resources to OMS, use custom fields in OMS to extract a specific value from a line of output (in this example a computer name), and then utilize Azure Automation Runbooks to remediate issues both in the cloud and on-premises from one central location.  If nothing else, you can use this solution as a reference point to get everything configured in your environment to build other cool automation scenarios using OMS and Azure Automation! 

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OMS Cloud University

I recently participated as a speaker for Infront Consulting Group’s OMS University along with  a few other Microsoft and Infront professionals (see below).  A lot of great information and content was provided during the presentation sessions, so I want to provide a link where the videos and decks can be accessed. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me!

Bharath Sivaraman (Microsoft) – Azure Site Recovery
Ciaran Madden (Infront Consulting) – Enterprise Mobility Suite
Laura Cruz (Microsoft) – Operations Manager Suite Overview
Shawn Tierney  (Infront Consulting) – SCOM+OMS+Azure Automation


OMS – Get Ready For App Dependency Monitor (Blue Stripe in OMS)

While setting up some configuration in OMS today I noticed a new solution called App Dependency Monitor marked as “Coming Soon”.   When clicking on this solution, it quickly became clear that this solution is where the integration from Microsoft’s acquisition of BlueStripe will occur.  I will certainly be keeping my eye out for this release!

From the MMS Solutions Gallery Description: