OMS – New Security and Audit Capabilities and Visualizations

I was having my coffee and reading the blogs this morning and saw that there are several new tweaks to OMS solutions and features.  One of these solutions is the Security and Audit solution, and it appears that there are some really cool additions coming soon.  The OMS team has added new visualization and capability features, along with some guidance as to what the future holds, which includes threat intelligence, rolling the Malware Assessment under the Security and Audit solution, support for non-Microsoft anti-virus solutions, and more.  None of these updates are currently available in my workspace, but once they are I will follow up with a post providing some with an overview of the experience and further details.  In the meantime, check out the TechNet post below!


OMS integration with Azure RemoteApp

A colleague of mine pointed out an interesting TechNet post from the Azure RemoteApp team outlining a use case for OMS NRT Performance Data and Azure RemoteApp.  While there is nothing new here from the OMS capability perspective, it’s always interesting to see how people are using OMS features and solutions.

From the TechNet post:

“ARA customers have repeatedly asked for a way to monitor and visualize performance counters of the VMs in their ARA deployment. OMS has a feature that collects Near-Real Time (NRT) performance data, which can be integrated with ARA. With this integration comes the capability for our customers to collect any performance counter with a sampling interval as small as 10 seconds, and visualize any of the metrics that helps them troubleshoot performance issues on ARA VMs.”